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What can be done for women with reduced sexual response?

The O-Shot® can help women who have a decreased ability to respond sexually. The O-Shot® works by using PRP to stimulate new collagen and new blood vessels in area that  are associated with sexual arousal for women.


What can be done to help mild urinary leakage?

Kegel exercises (squeezing the muscles that hold urine and/or gas back) can improve tone and ability to hold urine. The O-Shot® and MonaLisa™ Touch can also improve urinary leakage.


What helps women who don’t leak but need to urinate often?

The O-Shot® can reduce urinary urgency in women who have the urge to urinate often. O-Shot® can also improve urinary urgency. Even women with Interstitial cystitis have reported improvement or resolution of their bladder symptoms after the O-Shot®.


Do O-Shot results last forever?

Unfortunately the O-Shot® results don’t last forever, but they often up to 12 months.

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