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Dr. Razdan provides a full range of obstetric care for normal and high risk pregnancies. She is knowledgeable and has many years of experience providing care for expectant families.

At which hospital does Dr Razdan deliver her patients?
Obstetric hospital care is provided at at Saint Francis main, 6161 S Yale, Tulsa OK 74136.

Who will deliver my baby?
Generally Dr. Razdan delivers her own patients if she is available. 

What if my doctor is not available for delivery?
All of the doctors understand how important is to feel safe and well cared for during the labor and delivery experience. The doctors in the call rotation and can deliver, in the unlikely case that yoshe is not available. In some cases there is a Saint Francis hospitalist that can provide care in a urgent situation.

What is woman-centered obstetric care?
It is important to try to enhance a woman’s choice during their labor and delivery process.  An extension of woman centered care is to provide an opportunity for the couple to have choices whenever possible during their labor and delivery experience. When choices are limited, care is taken to help with emotional and physical aspects of childbirth. After delivery, skin to skin time with the newborn is encouraged. In some cases even fathers  choose to participate with skin to skin with their newborn. The golden hour is encouraged for couples who desire time alone with their newborn without extended family.  Breastfeeding/latching can be attempted shortly after birth. Skin to skin time just after delivery benefits the baby also and improves their transition to life outside the womb.

What is an OB hospitalist?
At Saint Francis Hospital Main, the OB hospitalists are in the hospital 24/7 and provide evaluation of pregnant patients for all sorts of issues on the labor & delivery triage unit, as well as emergency obstetric care when minutes matter and your doctor is rushing in. They assist the private attendings for Cesarean sections as well and other emergency  procedures.

How will I know if I need a high risk specialist? Will I need to change doctors?
The high risk specialists (also called Maternal Fetal Specialists) do not deliver. You will not need to change doctors. High risk specialists offer consultation and specialized ultrasound exams and often provide guidance when unusual problem conditions of the mother or fetus are diagnosed. Dr Razdan is a specialist who routinely manages high risk conditions and high risk deliveries.

What if I have twins or multiple gestation?
Congratulations! Dr Razdan has been taking care of patients with multiple gestation for many years. Dr Razdan has experience and knowledge that can help you through a pregnancy with multiples. Vaginal delivery of twins is offered and encouraged when possible.

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